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The Art of Cake and Conversation.

The Art of Cake and Conversation.

I’m an old school kind of girl. I like a good phone conversation. I also enjoy the creative process of cake design. It’s what I do and have done for 26 years.  

With technology being the way it is with today’s constant contact through text and email I’ve come to realize that I have frustrated some of my customers by my request for a phone call. Yet, I feel compelled to have that conversation to finalize any orders. (Excluding wedding cakes, that is almost always a meeting)

Let me explain why. A general request for information to get the ball rolling is great. Send me pictures of ideas, talk about flavors, things of this nature. I understand that most customers are comparing prices and such. I do try to keep that to about 2-3 emails and follow ups. Let’s face it, we are all busy. However, I do admit, if you text me 10 different questions after I have frequently requested a phone call…… I’ll drop you like a hot potato. Call me the Cake Nazi if you want, but I don’t have time for that craziness.

Once you decide to go with me, that is where the conversations comes in. I like to hear people’s voices when discussing the final design. What you like and don’t like is SSOOOooooo  much easier to detect through voice than text. I’ve had cake design failures because of the details that are lost through emailing info. Something is always missed. This is also what I call the CYA aspect of a cake business. You want a nice cake, I want a smooth running cake shop.  

 I do keep these very short and sweet. It is certainly not a 20 min. conversation.

SOooooooooooo, with this in mind I hope that brings more understanding to the Art of Cake and Conversations. Because you can not have one without the other.