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Gluten Free Cakes

In an effort to fill a need I offer Gluten free cakes. I can give you as much info as you need in regards to ordering a gluten free cake. I know it is difficult for many. My bakery is not a wheat free facility. I do make regular cakes here. I will however bake GF cakes on opposite days of regular baking days and be as diligent as possible to avoid any cross contamination.

For couples with an allergy need I often will make the top 6″ cake the gluten free one and then rest of the cake is regular. This saves you cost over an all gluten free cake. Most are comfortable with this process and it works well into any cake design.

I am aware of the need to double check all ingredients, including the pan spray, chips, nuts, and extra care in cleaning the bowls and pans etc.

Please call for pricing or if you have any questions.

I do not offer sugar free options.