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Choosing the cake design….it’s not so difficult.

Choosing the cake: let’s face it…… the first thing your guest want to see at the wedding is your GOWN…. The first thing they want to see at the reception is the CAKE!! With so many options for designs and styles for the bride to choose from it can be a pretty daunting task.  Oddly…

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The Art of Cake and Conversation.

The Art of Cake and Conversation. I’m an old school kind of girl. I like a good phone conversation. I also enjoy the creative process of cake design. It’s what I do and have done for 26 years.   With technology being the way it is with today’s constant contact through text and email I’ve…

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How to choose a cake designer for your wedding.

There are many things to take into consideration when you look for a cake designer. First thing to look for it the location in which the cake is done. In my opinion a business that is licensed by the health dept. is the better option. Different areas of KC have different rules regarding who can…

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